A great intelligence game : Wake up the box

Sans titre 1
This is a great game to test your intelligence Use the wood pieces provided in each level to wake up the sleepy box.

Logic Game Priests vs Devils

You should move all the priests and devils across, but don’t let them attack each other by out numbering If the priests are out numbred by the devils on either side of the river they get killed

Intelligence Game : The Cave puzzle

Sans titre
in this puzzle the kid is locked in the cave, The gate of the cave can be opened only when there are exactly 6 liters on the handle Click Start to begin

Complete with the missing number

Complete with the missing number

Find the missing number

Find the missing number

logic puzzle

Resolve this problem

Complete with the missing number

Complete with the missing number

Missing number in a methematical puzzle

What is the missing number ??

Missing object in a sequence

FInd the missing object in this sequence

Mathematical and logical sequence

Find the missing number in this mathematical and logical sequence
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